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Name Neuma search engine
Type Application
Release date 05/22
Release number v0.5
Work package WP1 WP3
Keywords information retrieval music score
Running instance
Credits Tiange Zhu (CNAM Paris) Philippe Rigaux (CNAM Paris) Nicolas Travers (ESILV Paris) Raphaël Fournier-S'niehotta (CNAM Paris)
Bibliography Zhu, T.; Fournier-S’niehotta, R.; Rigaux, P.; Travers, N. [A Framework for Content-Based Search in Large Music Collections]( Big Data Cogn. Comput. 2022, 6, 23.
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Neuma Search Engine

The Neuma search engine is a content-based music score search engine. It relies on a adaptated indexing procedure to store musical content as n-grams, for several aspect of music (melody, rhythm, lyrics). It’s fully compatible with state-of-the-art search engine such as ElasticSearch.