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Name MusicConnections
Type Story
Wp WP5
Keywords connections between music serendipitous discovery
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Keith wants to compile programmes of music, e.g. for music festivals. This involves putting together related pieces of music; in some cases the relationship may be non-obvious.


Keith uses music catalogues (see below), his own experiences of listening to music, and his intuition.

Competency questions

CQ1: Can we find relations between different artists and music?

CQ2: Can we find music which has a non-obvious relation to some other music?

CQ3: Can we visualize the relations between different media, different music etc?


Keith uses:

Music catalogues, e.g. and

Radio channels, e.g.

Google trends, to analyse how often an artists is searched for on the Web

Keith’s work could be helped by:

Technology to find connections between different artists, media, music, video etc; these connections might sometimes be non-obvious.

Technology to visualize these connections.