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Type Story
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Keywords Playlist
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Sonia likes exploring music, either finding out more about music and musicians she already knows or uncovering new interests.


When she gets home, she opens the intelligent visual playlist on her tablet computer. She uses this to play some of her favourite pieces of music in the playlist and also find interesting connections that might lead her to new musical discoveries. First, she selects a particular piece of music that she would like to hear. As the piece is playing, the playlist app creates a dynamic visualisation of the piece and interesting connections to images, textual information, multimedia and other musical pieces inside and outside of her playlist. As the piece is playing she sees a visualisation of a melodic pattern in the piece and other pieces of music in which it also appears. The dynamic visualisation also skips through information about the composer, the musicians and the time and place the piece was recorded. She notices that another piece of music she likes was recorded at the venue. Excerpts from the lyrics are also included in the visualisation. She sees that a particular lyrical phrase is taken from a novel and features in other pieces of music. Background information is also presented about a person mentioned in the lyrics.

Competency questions

  • CQ1: What is the musical piece that the persona selects?
  • CQ2: With which image/textual information/multimedia/musical piece is the selected musical piece connected to inside/outside the playlist?
  • CQ3: Which is the melodic pattern of the musical piece?
  • CQ4: In which other musical pieces does the melodic pattern appear?
  • CQ5: Who is/are the composer(s)/musician(s) of the musical piece?
  • CQ6: What information is available for the composer(s)/musician(s)?
  • CQ7: When/Where was the musical piece recorded?
  • CQ8: Has another musical piece “the user likes” been recorded in the same venue?
  • CQ9: Are there excerpts of the lyrics available for a musical piece? If yes, which are they?
  • CQ10: Is the excerpt of the lyric featured in other musical pieces?
  • CQ11: Which is the source of the excerpt of the lyrics?
  • CQ12: Is there a person mentioned in the excerpt of the lyrics? If yes, what background information is available for him/her?