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Type Story
Work package WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5
Keywords Playlist, shuffle
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Sonia likes exploring music, either finding out more about music and musicians she already knows or uncovering new interests.


While making dinner, she puts the playlist into shuffle mode and stands the tablet computer on the kitchen surface. Rather than being random, shuffle mode dynamically creates a pathway through the playlist based on meaningful connections. As each piece plays, the playlist app visualises interconnections to past and future steps in the musical pathway. Shuffle mode can make connections according to a wide range of features such as the composer, musicians, lyrics, melodic patterns, locations and historical events. At any point she can skip to the next song in the pathway. She can also alter shuffle mode to focus on particular types of connections. She decides to focus on connections between people to create a sort of family tree through the playlist.!

Competency questions

  • CQ1: What is the connection between two musical pieces?
  • CQ2: Is a musical piece connected to another musical piece by historical event?
  • CQ3: Which feature is selected to create the shuffle?
  • CQ4: What are the types of features that are used to create shuffles?
  • CQ5: Which is the immediate previous/next musical piece?
  • CQ6: Is a musical piece connected to another musical piece by common people?