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A Dashboard for Linked
Data Visualization and Storytelling.


Query, visualize, and tell.

MELODY - Make mE a Linked Open Data StorY is a dashboarding system that allows users familiar with Linked Open Data to create web-ready data stories.

  • Access data from any SPARQL endpoint.
  • Select the layout template of your story.
  • Include charts, sections, filters, and descriptions.
  • Preview the final data story while creating it.
  • Embed or export your data story and single charts in several formats.
  • Authenticate with GitHub to create and publish a story on MELODY Stories.

Make Your Own Linked Open Data Story

MELODY is a flexible solution to produce data stories via user-friendly interfaces. You can create data visualizations by querying a SPARQL endpoint, and charts can be accompanied by curated contents.

You can install MELODY or you can
use MELODY online to create, publish
or export your stories.

Getting Started

Install MELODY on your desktop and run it in a few simple steps.

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User Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to use MELODY: create and publish your data stories.

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Check out the documentation to learn how MELODY is built.

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Browse tha catalogue of users created data stories.

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