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Polifonia Ecosystem (v1.1)

Data, software, and documentation of the output of the EU H2020 project Polifonia.

The Polifonia Ecosystem is a collection of components for developing intelligent applications leveraging musical cultural heritage, result of the Polifonia Project. The project aims at realising and deploying anecosystem of computational methods and tools supporting discovery, extraction, encoding, interlinking, classification, exploration of, and access to, musical heritage knowledge on the Web.

Polifonia content is managed on GitHub.

List of components

Application (2)

CLI tool (2)

Corpus (1)

Dataset (3)

Documentation (2)

Lexicon (1)

Library (2)

Persona (19)

Repository (4)

Schema (1)

Service (2)

Software (6)

Story (28)

User Interface (1)