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Work packages

The Polifonia Ecosystem, from the perspective of the project work packages.

#1 Socio-technical roadmap, pilots, and Web portal

WP1 coordinates Pilots development and delivers a registry of all resources and materials retrieved, used and produced in the project, in the form of a unified Web portal.

#2 Musical Heritage Knowledge Graphs

WP2 develops ontology-based knowledge graphs for representing music collections and the its historical, cultural, and social context.

#3 Mining Musical Patterns

WP3 develops approaches to analysing large repositories of music (tunes, songs, etc.) to identify common, meaningful patterns.

#4 Musical Heritage Knowledge Extraction from text

WP4 develops methods and tools for 1) creating plurilingual corpora focused on musical heritage, 2) extracting (automatically) relevant knowledge from texts

#5 Human Interaction with Musical Heritage

WP6 researches and develops highly interactive user interfaces to allow scholars, musicians to access, engage with, explore, and reuse musical heritage.

#6 Dissemination and exploitation

WP6 disseminates the project results; maximizes their impact, reach and re-use; and concretely engage stakeholders from relevant sectors.

#7 Project Coordination and Management

WP7 is dedicated to project coordination and management activities.

#8 Ethics

WP8 ensures that the ecosystem tools improve the accessibility and availability of musical heritage knowledge on the web in a FAIR, transparent, and ethical way.